"Many books have been written about transracial adoption for transracial families, but this one provides the "practical how to's," including modeling a conversation with a parent of a child who had questioned whether her daughter Maddie's family could even be a real one, " since she doesn't have a dad and everyone is a different color. Amy has learned so very much from her experiences and shares them in a very open, conversational tone with the reader."

Ruth G. McRoy Davis, Ph.D., Research Professor
Senior Research Fellow, Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute
University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work

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Review in Adoptive Families Magazine

"Written with compassion, and from the perspective of "been there, done that," Brown Babies, Pink Parents is an amazing new resource for transracial adoptive families. Amy Ford, a white adoptive mother of three black daughters, subtitles her book "A Practical Guide to Transracial Parenting." But when I recommend this book (to every family I know who is thinking about or already involved in a transracial adoption), I describe it as "a girlfriend's guide."

Ford's wisdom took her years to acquire, and she has packaged it into a heartfelt and humorous book. I easily read it in a day, all the while laughing and crying at the author's adventures as a transracial parent.'

Along with insightful anecdotes, Brown Babies, Pink Parents carries much practical information for white parents raising black kids. Ford gives us tips on skin care and hair care, and tells us why these are so important to the black child's identity.

The topic of white privilege is also addressed, in a way that will make parents say, "Yes! I get that!" As an advocate for greater transracial adoption education and preparation, Ford walks the walk and talks the talk."

Reviewed by Robyn Gobbel, LCSW, a therapist and adoption homestudy specialist
Adoptive Families, January/February 2011

Amy and her three daughters.